Walking in Circles around the Gallery, Oil on canvas, 51cm X 76cm. 2020
Dressing up, gouache on paper 15cm X 29cm. 2020
Blood and Earth, hand carved and glazed tiles, 134cm X 78cm. 2018
Untitled, oil on unbleached canvas and plywood 54cm X 58.5cm. 2021
Verditer Skies (where Aries lay on the Horizon), Oil on canvas with hand-made paint using an ancient blue pigment and copper dust, 250cm X 110cm. 2021
Album Artwork for Krush Puppies' new EP 'Love Kills the Demons' - released on vinyl by Holm Front. 2022
Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 110 X 90 cm. 2021
Gouache studies, trees in Bologna. 2022
Clouds, Oil on Linen, 80 X100cm. 2022